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Christmas Wreath

42" x 42" Paper Pieced Wallhanging
Original Design by Kim Noblin
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Here is a simple 6" paper pieced block  that, when rotated, creates a very interesting wreath design.  It is surrounded by a triangle border that enhances the overall design and gives the impression of blocks set on point.  Directions are provided below.

Notes before you start:  

  1. Use thin paper for the paper foundations to make removal of paper easier when you are finished  (I like to use typing paper.)  
  2. Don't remove paper foundations until borders are attached.  
  3. Always use a scant 1/4".  This means a couple of threads shy of a full 1/4".
  4. Use a short stitch length when paper piecing.  This will make removal of the paper easier.

Step 1:  Print out the wreath block (PDF file).  Paper piece 36 blocks using the block image above for color placement.  .

Step 2:  Lay the blocks out on a flat surface (6 rows of 6 blocks) and rotate every other block to achieve the design shown above.  Join blocks, 6 blocks across to form a row then join each row to form the quilt.

Step 3:  The border is rotary cut.  From the red fabric, cut 24 3-7/8" squares.  From the green fabric, cut 12 3-7/8" squares.  From the neutral fabric, cut 12 3-7/8" squares and 4 3-1/2" squares.

Step 4:  With right sides together, place a neutral square on a red square.  Using a ruler and washable fabric marker, draw a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.  Stitch a 1/4" seam on both sides of the line.  Using a ruler and rotary cutter, cut along the drawn line.  Lightly press seam toward the darker fabric.  Repeat until 24 red/neutral half-square triangles have been completed.

Step 5:  Using the technique from step 4, create 24 red/green half-square triangles.

Step 6:  Using the quilt diagram above as your guide, join half square triangles to create the borders.  (Note:  Attach a corner block to the each end of the top and bottom borders and attach these borders LAST.)

Step 7:  Join left and right borders to the quilt.  

Step 8:  Join top and bottom borders to the quilt.

Step 9:  Remove paper foundations from the back of the quilt.

Step 10:  Layer a 42" x 42" piece of backing fabric**, same size batting, and quilt top.  Finish and bind using your favorite method.

** I like to cut my backing fabric and batting a couple of inches larger, and then cut to fit the quilt top after it has been quilted and before I attach the binding.  This way, everything lines up better.

Not in the mood for a Christmas quilt?  Here are some other colorings of this quilt:


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